What Causes Kidney Failure? & How You Can Prevent Them?

What cause kidney failure?

What cause kidney failure?

Do you know the kidney is an essential part of your body?

Do you know about the functions of the kidney?

What are the causes of kidney failure?

Here I will give you answers of the above questions in this article.

As you know, the kidney is an essential part of our body; all organ has its importance in our body. Kidneys found in pair which located on both side right and left side of your spine.

The kidney performs various functions which are as follow:

  • It keeps our blood pressure in control.
  • It eliminates waste from the body and keeps it clean.
  • It works as a blood filter.
  • Produce RBC in the body.
  • It eliminates impure water thought urine.
  • Control glucose in the blood.

So, the overall kidney is an important part of our body, and we should keep it healthy and right. In this article, I will tell you about kidney failure causes and prevention’s.

What Do You Mean By Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure takes place when kidneys fail to attempt proper functions like fails to remove toxic, waste, a chemical from your body, fails to filter your blood, or fails to maintain glucose and sodium. So it causes hydration in your body, kidney stone, chronic illnesses etc.

When the kidney fails to remove toxin, your body gets surcharge and fails to perform its regular function, and this will cause kidney failure and fails to treat your body adequately.

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Failure?


All decease give warning before they attack, kidney failure have different symptoms, but sometimes it causes without any sign.

Symptoms are as follow:

  • Lessen urine.
  • You notice swelling in your legs, knees, feet.
  • You get massive chest and pain in your chest.
  • A problem in your breathing.
  • You feel weak and fatigue.
  • Headache and kidney pain.

What Are The Causes Of Kidney Failure?

So, there are many causes of kidney failure and have different conditions, types and stages too.

This found in most people who consist of one or two causes already.

Improper Flow Of Blood To The Kidney

Kidney failure caused due to not enough amount of blood flow to the kidney. If the kidney doesn’t receive the proper amount of blood, it may result in kidney failure. It can be possible for people who have an illness like heart attack, liver problems, and several reactions in the body, infection, deficiency of water and nutrients etc.

Several medications can also be a cause of improper blood flow.

Hurdles In Removal Of Urine

When your body fails to emit impure water, chemicals, toxins, and kidneys get overburden. Some cancers form like colon cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer that imbalance the urinary system and cause improper flow of urine from the body.

Other diseases that cause urine blockage and can cause kidney failure are urine infection, kidney stones, blood clots in your bladder, nerve blockage of the bladder.

Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone

When there are a lot of chemicals deposited on your kidney and form a heavy material called stone, a kidney stone can also be a cause of kidney failure.


Antibacterials are medication that fights with bacteria and keeps them in control.  These supplements used to kill bacterial deceases. This supplement has many side effects, and one of them is kidney failure that causes by dehydration of your kidney and forms chronic kidney disease. The people who take antibiotics can be at risk of kidney failure.

Drugs And Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol play a role in almost every deceases. The substances found in drugs and alcohol are very harmful to your body and can cause kidney failure. Alcohol and drugs form dangerous toxic in your kidney that gradually includes problems and leads to kidney failure.

So try to avoid alcohol and drug because they can cause very harmful cancers that can end up life easy and painfully.


When your body gets an infection in the kidney or urinary system and fails to perform the proper function, then it can cause kidney failure. Try to keep yourself clean and eat healthily.

Use Several Supplements

When you use a large number of supplements, it can cause kidney failure. Supplement work to improve weight, sleeping, your skin texture, but these all consist not only advantages but side effects too. These supplements can cause kidney stones, hydration of kidney, the toxin in your body, block urine etc. that cause kidney failure.

The High Amount Of Sugar

sugary food

High sugar can damage your blood vessel in the kidney that uses to purify your blood. High sugar leads you to high blood pressure and causes kidney failure because your vessels fail to work correctly and can block blood circulation to the kidney.


vasculitis are tiny blood vessels located in the kidney to filter blood, to pass out proper urine. It may cause due to swelling and injury in blood vessels that play a role in kidney failure because they cause urine blockage.


Lupus is a bacteria that affects your kidney and its surrounding parts, fails to pass out proper waste from the body. This causes high blood pressure, kidney inflammation and in the regular pass of urine. When the kidney fails to complete proper function then the body starts feeling symptoms.

So, these are the reason why your kidney gets fails to work correctly, to keep it healthy, use home remedies for kidney disease, and follow these preventions.

Prevention For Kidney Failure

Prevention For Kidney Failure

  • Drink enough amount of water.
  • Keep yourself away from sugary drinks and alcohol.
  • Use less amount of salt and sugar in your foods.
  • Take a proper healthy diet and fewer calories.
  • Keep your weight control.
  • Do exercise.
  • Don’t take pills too much. Example: sleeping pills, weight loss pills etc.
  • Go for a monthly checkup.
  • Keep your blood pressure and sugar control. Try to monitor them.

The kidney is an essential part of our body we should keep it healthy because it mainly deals with your wastage part from our body, and if this system gets fail, we may lose our whole body function, and our body fills with fat overweight. So try to save it, take the above persecutions and keep your kidney healthy.

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