9 Steps Of How To Prevent Kidney Stones

Steps to prevent kidney stones

Steps to prevent kidney stones

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are a solid material coating that appears in your kidney and is known as kidney stones. They create pain when going through the urinary path.

Around the whole world, a large number of people have this kidney disease. But once you had a kidney stone in your kidney, it could appear in the kidney again and again after some time.

There is no such appropriate method to protect the kidney from stones. It can be some time because of heredity, medical conditions, or improper diet.

So here in this article, I will give you guidance to prevent kidney stones.

Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones

It is imperative to manage your diet and design a nutritious renal diet according to need. Some changes in your diet and life can prevent you from kidney stones.

1.Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking a large amount of water is a great way to prevent kidney stones. Water helps give out impure elements from your body otherwise because impurities can form stone in your kidney for a longer time.

You can drink lemon or orange juice as they both contain citrate that prevents your kidney from stones.

Try to drink around eight glasses of water per day, but if you have some other medical condition or work out daily, you should increase your capability.

You can test it according to your urine color. If it’s transparent, it means you are drinking the right amount of water, but if your urine color is dark yellow, you need to drink more water.

2.Increase Intake Of Calcium Foods

Calcium oxalate is a common type of kidney stones. The less amount of calcium can lead you to kidney stones. But people think that eating less calcium is useful, but it’s not right in the kidney.

Yes, taking calcium pills can lead you to kidney stones, but if you take calcium supplements with your meal, it will help you prevent kidney stones.

Low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt are great sources of greater calcium.

Calcium Supplement

3.Remove The Intake Of Sodium

Too salty food is not suitable for health, and it is one of the common causes of kidney disease. A tremendous amount of salt can lead you to kidney stones as they cause high calcium in the urine.

Less salt can prevent you from kidney stones and keep calcium level control. The lower amount of calcium in your urine can prevent your kidney from stones.

Foods You Should Avoid That Have High Amount Of Salt

  • Food that consists of monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrate, and sodium bicarbonate
  • Bakery salty items like chips, biscuits, etc
  • Packet foods
  • Flavor or Salty sauces
  • Canned items like vegetables, soups or fruits packed in cans.

Try to use less salt in your food items and eat fresh fruits without salt, vegetables, or season herbs. Try to use salt-free items.

4.Eat a Lesser Amount Of Oxalate

Kidney stones could form due to oxalate. It is found naturally in food items that increase the amount of calcium in urine that can cause kidney stones. So try to intake less amount of oxalate items.

Here are some items you should take in limits.

  • Rhubarb
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Peanuts
  • Soy items
  • Beets
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Wheat bran

5.Intake The Fewer Amount Of Animal-Based Protein

Animal-based proteins are acidic and produce uric acid in your body. A high amount of uric acid can form various types of stones. So you should avoid an incredible amount of animal-based protein like chicken, beef, fish that includes milk, egg, etc.

Cow Meat

6.Escape Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C supplements can cause various types of kidney stones.

According to many studies, vitamin C supplements can be a factor in causing kidney stones. It is found in especially men who intake supplements.

7.Usage Of Herbal Items

Herbs are natural ingredients to treat any illness. So “Chance Piedra” is known as a stone breaker, and it is a natural remedy for treating any kidney stone. But use herbal remedies with cautions. There are many proven natural remedies for kidney disease that are proven to help you.

8.Take Advice From Doctor

If you have any kidney stones, so some medications treat your kidney stones, but it depends on your type of kidney stones, and it is vital to take a doctor consultant. Because there are various types of kidney stones, and they have different conditions.

If you have calcium kidney stones, phosphate or a thiazide diuretic is useful for you.

If you have uric acid stones, Zyloprim can reduce your uric acid in your body and can treat kidney stones.

If you have struvite stones, antibiotics are great for treating stone by reducing the number of bacteria in your urine.

Captopril can treat your stone by reducing the cysteine level in urine if you have a cysteine stone.

Additionally, Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is a book that contains information and natural solutions for many different types of Kidney diseases. So, don’t miss it out!

9.Don’t Use Any Supplements Without Doctor Prescription

Sometimes, people take supplements like weight loss supplements, hair supplements, and sleeping supplements that can cause kidney stones.

Some supplements are as follows:

  • Diuretics
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Steroids
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Decongestants
  • Protease inhibitors
  • Uricosuric drugs

These above types of drugs can cause kidney stones and various other health issues. So before using any supplement, take the doctor advice is it right for you or not. So please don’t take such supplements that lead your health to danger.

Kidney Stones

Closing Thoughts

Kidney stones are common as now these days, we start using a large amount of processed food. There is no such way to treat kidney stones completely but we can make it at a manageable level. The best prevent you can take to drink plenty of water to give out impurities from your body. It is the best way to treat kidney stones.

But if you are carrying some other illnesses like heart issues, high sugar, blood pressure, inflammation, urine infection. Please talk to your doctor before taking any steps because it can be riskier and lead you to death or stop the urinary path.

If you have kidney stones in your past and you are facing it again. So go to the doctor and do it according to guidance because every kidney diseases have different conditions.

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